May 24, 2019

Higher positions with more recognition will always bring more temptation with them. Are you truly ready to say “no” to certain things God will want you to say “no” to? Are you strong enough for it? Sometimes we need to realize that God is protecting us from certain positions and levels that we desire to obtain, because He loves us.

When your constantly chasing dreams instead of living in them, It will only bring frustration when your plans do not work out as you thought they should. I pray that you would have an innate knowledge to understand that God’s prevention works with your preservation of Kingdom integrity and eternal reward system, not temporary reward system.

True success is found in your identity and who you already are, instead of who you are trying to become. Rest and reflect on His love today and begin to be grateful for where you are on your journey knowing that you don’t have to chase anything anymore. Let truth resonate within you that you already are the success your searching for and allow the Holy Spirit to line up your perspective with a desire to finish the indivual path God has fixed your feet on. It is time to believe that you are the champion and not the contender anymore.

Rest assured that He is pleased with you exactly where you are today, right now at this very second. Pull down His good pleasure from the Kingdom of Heaven and begin to wear it like a new change of clothing that you love!

You are a success. You make Him proud. You are very important and critical to His perfect plan on earth. You are making a difference in your culture. The Holy Spirit within you shapes your atmosphere without you even realizing it. Your presence as a child of God brings light into the darkness. Don’t be fooled! Remove your faith from believing in the fiery darts that have been lying to you saying you are nothing, a failure, or have missed God! I break every assignment of lies over you. There is more for you and within you than there is against you! The truth is, you will succeed on every single path the Lord plants your feet on, because you are the definition of success to Him! You cannot fail when your name is victory! You are His child. Your DNA is supernatural authority! The devil knows you can’t exercise what you don’t believe you have and that is why your heavenly Father is reminding you, who you are today! The deity of God lives within you and pumps through your veins! How can you not already be a success?!? Walk in this. Put it on. Own it.

April 29, 2019

You will need to pull victories from previous seasons of breakthrough and focus on your amazing Father’s true character and love toward you, to push through the uncertainty you are experiencing currently.

Pray in the Spirit throughout the day to build yourself up and push out every lie that stands against the true character of God that is attempting to convince you that you are defeated. They are lies and need to go, because they have no place in your future.

You have begun your transition and move into your destiny, but you’ve been blinded by deferred hope within your heart and cannot recognize the steps your making that are bringing you into a new place. Deferred hope is preventing you from walking into everything the Lord has prepared for you, because you cannot see the victories at hand. The depth of your past disappointment needs to be released for you to recognize the awesome blessings, breakthroughs, and promotions that have been taking place recently in your life.

Situations you have prayed for throughout the years have manifested within recent years. Awesome things you never thought you’d see or expect to have happened took place in your life, but you are still stuck on seeing and experincing everything now. We have picked up a sense of false entitlement believing we deserve to receive everything at once. We’ve adopted an “all or nothing” attitude with God, because our journey felt so unbelievably taxing and devastating to our heart, but God will bless us as He sees fit. Blessing us all at once will sabotage us and would become a burden instead of a blessing and He only gives His children His best.

You are one of many that heaven calls steadfast, faith driven, and marked for a purpose for generations. You have worked your field vigorously, whether it is in entertainment, ministry, or various business sectors. Relentlessly you have been determined to “after having done all to stand” and believe in the promises of God without seeing any evidence of blessing during your testing seasons. Renew your heart and mind! Today is different! The season you are in is indeed different! God wants you to perceive the new thing He is doing in your life!

You have been hidden by the wings of God’s protection for a designated time of healing, growth, and maturity. Yes, pruning, deep gutting, rooting, and regrowth that will be required for where you are headed. Your plans have shifted and have been changed up in many ways when you never saw it coming. You didn’t have time to plan ahead or have a bad day. You had to be ready and obedient to step it up even when you didn’t emotionally feel it. You remained trusting to your amazing Father and His plans for you through it all and He took notice.

The great revealing is currently happening in the spiritual realm and natural realm. An introduction of true identies, callings, and giftings on a whole other level that this world has not yet witnessed, but many of our mindsets are still stuck in the past that seemed to stand still forever in disappointment.

Hebrews 3:15-19 (MSG)

15-19 For who were the people who turned a deaf ear? Weren’t they the very ones Moses led out of Egypt? And who was God provoked with for forty years? Wasn’t it those who turned a deaf ear and ended up corpses in the wilderness? And when he swore that they’d never get where they were going, wasn’t he talking to the ones who turned a deaf ear? They never got there because they never listened, never believed.

If this is you, please join me in this prayer:

Amazing Father,

Thank you for delivering me out of previous hurtful memories that were caused from disappointment while waiting patiently for my promises to come to pass. Open my eyes to recognize what you have been currently doing in my life and restore a grateful heart within me. Remove false entitlement and ridiculous expectations from me. Release a strong and passionate sense of innate knowing that I am loved, protected, and provided for from you always. You always save the best for last and last is NOW! Convince my heart that it will never be too late for me and release a trust within me that cannot be shaken. I command every negative word spoken or thought over my future blessings, promises, and promotions to be reversed into even more blessings and an immediate supernatural injection of happiness. Open my eyes to see your glory shining into several situations in my life currently that I could not recognize previously. I shut down and cancel every lie of being abandoned by you! Take me by the hand and guide me into my promised land, because I’m ready to receive an overflow of your new wine. You can CONTINUE the work you have begun in my life and pour it into my new wineskins now! I’m ready! Thank you for shifting my mindset into a kingdom perspective and restoring hope to my soul today. Thank you for removing my hope deferred and giving me laughter! I love you Father.

In Jesus Name Amen

FEBRUARY 20, 2019

When we wrestle with ideas, struggles, and lack of direction, it’s because we still need to learn more about our true identity. The more we understand who we are and how valuable we are to our Father, God, is the more we will learn how to rest in Him.

Resting in Him seemed painful to me and difficult to grasp during different seasons of my life, but during those times, I also couldn’t grasp how far or wide His unfailing love was toward me.

The Lord has you, but He also wants to extend an invitation to you today to get to know Him better. A relationship isn’t healthy if it’s one sided. He wants to hear your heart, speak to you, spend quality time with you, and give you peace about your future.

God has placed certain goals and dreams in your heart for a purpose. You are not thinking up these things on your own. They were planted from the author and finisher of your faith. Lean into Him, stand firm, and pray them into your reality. Do not give up or become discouraged. It’s not too late. You haven’t missed it. Be patient, because before your know it, it will be here and you’ll be extremely busy.

Learn how to speak good into what you do not see until it manifests into existence. Faith is everything. Pay attention to the warnings of bad outcomes you feel in your spirit through dreams and visions. The Lord wants you to pray against them. Use your faith to exterminate them and never to bring life to them. Don’t interpret with fear as your guide, but only love. The heart of God wants to avoid calamity and never welcomes it.

The Holy Spirit will be showing you new revelation in greater depths this season. Get ready. The Body of Christ is mobilizing and getting ready for a great awakening. Cities are waking up to the love of God. Influencers are taking their positions. Light is infiltrating acrossed our country. It’s not a time to pay attention to negative chatter or give it any time of day. The light will always overcome darkness.

February 15, 2019

You may feel like you are out of your element this season, but your exactly where God wants you to be! Get ready! God is placing your footing firmly into a NEW groove quickly and He is going to escalate you into NEW areas of expertise that you never thought were capable with your personality! It might feel awkward and uncomfortable right now and you might not know where you’ll fit in the game, but your uniform has already been created for a first string position that only YOU can fill! There is no time to give invaluable or incapable emotions the wheel right now. They will steer you away from God’s plan and not toward it! Stay strong and veer into the storm, while choosing to trust God with the hard stuff and look forward to the victory that is waiting. Your not alone this season! Many feel out of place like dislocated parts of the body, but it is your uniqueness that your feeling. Invite Holy Spirit into your atmosphere and ask Him to show you how valuable you are to the kingdom and everyone around you. Be silent and listen. You are precious and powerful. You have not lost your way. Shut down the lies and negative language whispering in your mind and ears. Everything will make sense soon. Just hold on!

Hope for the Hopeless

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Life has many trials. Jesus never candy coated the truth when teaching His disciples about encountering problems in this world.

John 16:33  (NIV) “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Today the Lord prompted me to recollect specific trials in my past that appeared to be uncertain, hopeless, and depressing, only to remind me that He never abandoned me, always remained close to me, delivered me and restored me!

We can think about the Israelites all day every day and never comprehend how they felt standing on the beach of the Red Sea while the Egyptian soldiers were closing in on them to destroy all of them.

There was no place to go, but yet God created a way for them to escape! According to Exodus 14:1-4, the Lord knew in advance this was going to take place and He was going to use this as an opportunity to show His glory to everyone. God wants to show us a way out when we do not recognize a neon EXIT sign leading us out of our problems.

God will never deliver you half way!

He will always finish what He begins! 

God loves to prove us wrong when we believe a difficult situation is hopeless! 

Allow me to share a couple of my personal testimonies with you to build your faith…

I believed my difficult situation was hopeless when I was diagnosed with a disease attacking my immune system. This disease is without a known or proven cause and there is no cure for it. It becomes extremely painful to where people are placed on permanent disability and would eventually be admitted to hospitals fighting pain on morphine! I was not allowed to eat or drink anything acidic, which is most of the food everyone eats and could not drive down the street for the length of one block without falling asleep at the wheel with chronic fatigue. God proved me wrong and instantly healed me at a Benny Hinn Conference! This was 20+ years ago!

I believed my difficult situation was hopeless when I was being tormented by mental and verbal abuse to the point of almost losing my mind. I remember kneeling on the altar steps of a church telling God repeatedly that I had I no idea how He was going to fix my living situation, but I knew He could do it. Over and over again I kept telling him these words, while I was repenting and promising Him that I would never put anyone or anything above Him ever again. I promised Him the rightful place in my heart as my first love and meant it with everything within me. One week later, God proved me wrong by exposing the truth into my situation in such a way that every tiny bit of deception was revealed. He delivered me into a better living situation and restored my mind with clarity and gave me new hope for my future.

Whenever I believed my difficult situation was hopeless is when God always proved me wrong! Your situation might be difficult right now! You may feel there is no way out of your mess and defeat is at your doorstep to overtake you, but God is going to prove you wrong!

Luke 18:27 (TPT) Jesus responded, “What appears humanly impossible is more than possible with God. For God can do what man cannot.”


Simone Ascoli

Spirit of Excellence


I felt the Holy Spirit whisper in my ear this afternoon, “Spirit of Excellence”. All of a sudden He took me to a place spiritually where he was showing me believers in the marketplace. I felt like he wanted me to uncover the deception behind the world’s perspective regarding the subject of excellence in business and wanted me to touch on every aspect of life associated with it.

It is easy for us to get caught up in popular trends, culture, and to put too much of our attention toward the world’s point of view concerning the topic of excellence, without ever seeking the Word of God for its true meaning.

First of all, anyone the Spirit of God lives and dwells within has the Spirit of Excellence within them. In the Kingdom, your amount of excellence isn’t recognized by how you dress, how you talk, what you eat, or what you may or may not have. You are also not recognized by how perfect you are, because it is impossible for man to be perfected without God.

The world calls out and identifies a measure of excellence on someone based by shallow and perfectionist characteristics, not by God’s truth. We need to be careful not to allow ourselves to get wiped out by the tidal wave of approval addiction and temptation that this world creates and engulfs us in.

Our culture can paint an enticing picture of excellence to look like some sort of perfectionist platform that will only create an atmosphere of comparison, jealousy, greed, fear, and self-centeredness.

Don’t get me wrong. I would never try to convince you not to take proper care of yourself or to not dress appropriately by no means.  I am simply letting you know that God’s excellence is the only way to reach true prosperity and success. The kind of fullness that makes you feel good about yourself at the end of the day when your home with your families.

The Spirit of Excellence is the Spirit of God. It is a part of us who know God and partner with him in everyday living and reflect his character in everyday decisions.  Daniel carried an excellent spirit within him as noted in Daniel 6:3 (KJV) and it is known that Daniel respected and was loyal to God. He also walked in sincere integrity. He chose not to blend in with a progressive culture that was against God during his time and day. He stood out and the Spirit of Excellence radiated off him everywhere he went.

Moses stuttered, but he was chosen by God anyways and the Spirit of God who is excellent was with him.

David was chosen at a young age and anointed to be King. The Spirit of God was with him during the entire process that took him from shepherd boy to King! The Spirit of God was with Joseph and Esther throughout their processes and developmental stages before placing them in the palace. It was not by popular demand or acceptance that fixed both of them firmly into a seat of royalty and kingdom leadership. It was by the Spirit of God who is the Spirit of Excellence.

This passage below is describing our precious Jesus who is excellent in every form and manner:

Isaiah 53:2-3 NIV He grew up before him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground. He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him. 3 He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain. Like one whom people hide their faces he was despised, and we held him in low esteem.

Jesus was God in the flesh and he was excellent. As you can see in these patterns, the world’s vision of excellence is not like God’s.

Jesus mentioned John the Baptist as the greatest man ever born from a woman, but his lifestyle in our day and time would have marked him as weird and unpopular, correct?

Matthew 3:4 TPT Now, John wore clothing made from camel’s hair, tied at his waist with a leather strap, and his food consisted of dried locusts and wild honey.

Excellence is not someone who is driven by performance and perfectionism in the world’s eyes, but it is someone who functions under Him who is perfect and performs with integrity. True excellence is God inspired and breathed into your life.

The fruit of excellence is demonstrated by your actions of obedience in front of others.

God will reward a person who carries an upright posture and who remains in him. He develops and promotes the humble-hearted and brings down the prideful among us.

Ladies & Gentlemen: God loves you! He is the Spirit of Excellence. Let your actions bring him glory in the marketplace and in your personal life.

God prompted me to write this in my blog tonight and to discuss this subject with you for a reason. I believe it is because he desires to prosper you in every area of life. I believe promotion is coming to the people this word is speaking to!


Simone Ascoli

Psalm 34:8 (TPT) 

Drink deeply of the pleasures of this God. Experience for yourself the joyous mercies he gives to all who turn to hide themselves in him.

Promises Fulfilled


I have learned to trust God when my situations completely contradict His promises for me. I always believed I had strong faith, but when the winds started to blow and certain storms invaded my life, doubt came knocking on my door.

When it became difficult to remain hopeful, trust didn’t happen instantly with amazing fire, faith, and strength. This process happened slowly and right smack dab in the middle of my trials. Our relationship with God is like a relationship with no other, but He still requires our faith to grow as we mature in Him spiritually. When our faith is stretched it becomes stronger. Like a person who exercises a muscle.

Here is a scripture that I simply adore and keep close to my heart:

Psalm 103:2 The Passion Translation (TPT) Yahweh, you are my soul’s celebration. How could I ever forget the miracles of kindness you’ve done for me?

When you are faced with situations that seem impossible, hopeless or discouraging in the midst of trying to grasp onto His promises as if they were straws, call upon the Lord to help you recollect memories of every promise fulfilled by Him and begin to ponder on everything He has done for you because He is faithful.

Here are a few of my promises fulfilled:

  • He promised me healing from a rare disease without a cure and kept His promise.
  • He promised to deliver, provide, and protect me and my children during a divorce when I was a single parent. He kept His promise.
  • He opened doors for me to qualify for cars and apartments when obstacles should have prevented me. He kept His promise.
  • He gave me the ending of the Book of Esther concerning specifically the part about Haman’s evil plot that backfired on himself, right before an evil conspiracy entered my life for a season. He kept His promise as in the book of Esther.
  • He promised me a believing husband that would love me, love my children, and support me in ministry. He kept His promise.
  • He promised to help me grow spiritually, give me a whole heart and a renewed mind. He continues to hold my hand through every inner healing process and moment of clarity. He is still keeping His promise.
  • He promised to protect me in grammar school and junior high from bullies while they threatened and tormented me for months, but they never beat me up or jumped me. He kept His promise.
  • He promised to give me a bunch of spiritual children to raise up, people to mentor and to coach. He kept His promise.
  • He promised to protect my children. He has kept His promise.
  • He promised to provide for me financially. He has kept His promise.

When you find yourself in the middle of a wilderness filled with reason and doubt begins to knock on your door, answer it with a history of truth and God’s word.

I carried you with me through some of my previous testimonials to stir up your faith enough to focus on EVERYTHING THE LORD HAS DONE FOR YOU! The Lord wants you to shut down the lies of the enemy today. You are His child and He doesn’t want you to become troubled and worried about your promises from Him. He is not a man or woman who falls short and cannot keep every promise. He is supernatural, not human. He is the same God who created our universe, stars, and the world you live in with everything natural in it! Anything is possible with God. There is no limit to His resources, abundance, wealth, protection, love, forgiveness or happiness.

2 Corinthians 1:20 The Passion Translation (TPT) For all of God’s promises find their “yes” of fulfillment in him. And as his “yes” and our “amen” ascend to God, we bring him glory!


The Aramaic can be translated “All of the kingdoms of God are in him.” The Hebrew word for “amen” means “That’s right!” This elliptical sentence could imply the following: (1) It is through Christ that we hear and believe God’s promises and say the declaration of our faith, “Amen,” or (2) it is Christ who speaks through us the “Amen” (of faith).

Take a moment today to grab a notebook and write down everything God has done for you and read your testimonials to the enemy out loud! Build yourself up in this truth and tell your adversary that you have an outrageously good Father that has a history keeping His promises with you!

All of your promises from God are “Yes and Amen!”


Exponential Growth!

The Lord Said, “Grab a hold of my cloak and do not let go! Hold on this season! For I am about to move swiftly! Pay attention children, I have important instructions for you to keep within the next coming months. My anointing will be moving fast this season. Healing and restoration are coming as a spiritual downpour into the lives of many. I have a proper sequence of things that will opening up in front of you one by one and I do not want you to stop moving because you are shocked when they happen. I need you to listen to my voice and obey me in this. Do not stall when I speak this season. There is a divine purpose for every door that opens up for you and for every gift that I give you. Please remember that everything that I give you is not just for you, but for many. Do not become selfish with my guidance and blessings. Do not store them up without sharing my goodness to ears that long to receive hope. For I the Lord am with you! Do not turn to the left or to the right as if I am not standing with you. I go before you my precious child and when you speak my voice stands behind it with boldness, accuracy, and sharpness that will split mountains. I am coming quickly this season with exponential growth in your life.”

I see a steady line of gifts, doors to be opened, and divine appointments in the Spirit that are already standing in a proper position right now waiting for God to start the domino effect in the lives of many. I literally see them in perfect order and sequence, but be prepared because they will open quickly this season. Don’t be caught off guard when the Lord is warning you now. Walk into them, because God is with you! Some of you will be healed of 4-5 different physical and emotional situations, one at a time moving quickly. Some of you will have doors open quickly and receive funds to move through them. Do not stall. Some of you will be invited to places and asked to do things that you thought weren’t coming till later on.  The Lord said it is now time for many of you to receive a series of kingdom tools, gifts, blessings, opportunities, wholeness, and move in the areas that He has prepared for you in advance to do. Some of you haven’t even asked for certain things, but the Lord is still bringing them to you.

Even though chaos has been hitting the world and catastrophic events are happening in the media that seem worrisome, your heavenly Father wants you to know that He has not forgotten about what He has prepared for you. Be sure to move quickly as these things happen and do not get caught up in the shock and awe effect. You will have plenty of time to be in shock and awe after the series of sequences have been completed this season.

After these things happen remember not to forget His benefits says the Lord!

Do not forget my benefits says the Lord!

Do not forget my benefits says the Lord!



The Thomas In You…

When you believe your dream is dead or it seems too impossible to picture it actually coming to pass, its okay to ask Jesus to prove the promise to you! Wow! Did I just say its okay to doubt? No! I meant its normal to struggle with something you have been believing in, while you are in transition of it coming to pass. Basically, this can happen when you are approaching the borderline to your breakthrough or destination! Even more so after enduring through great disappointment. Why do I say this? First of all, everyone and everything that is written in the Word of God is placed in it for nothing other than a GOOD reason and a GREATER purpose. I previously judged Thomas before receiving this revelation and until Holy Spirit spoke something to my spirit about Thomas today.

Thomas was on the road of transition to his calling, purpose, and destiny! He ministered with Jesus before he watched Him die on a cross! In the eyes of Thomas: The promises and dreams that Jesus gave him, actually felt like they had died on a cross with Him.

This makes sense to me! He couldn’t picture all of His promises coming to pass anymore! That’s why after he heard about the appearance of Jesus rising from the dead, clearly it would have seemed too good to be true and too hard to believe in! After all, he watched Him hang on a cross and breathe his last breath.

So many of us are quick to judge Thomas, but we don’t ever take the time to examine what he physically witnessed after Jesus had promised him (and the other disciples)  the world! Jesus didn’t hesitate to give Thomas exactly what he needed to keep on keeping on and He didn’t withhold himself from His friend and disciple. I believe there is a little bit of Thomas in each one of us when times seem impossible to keep hoping for our promises. Even more so when our promises have seemed dead! It doesn’t even matter if you are currently IN transition because Thomas was in transition too and you are still human!

Jesus wants to strengthen and perfect your faith and desires to help you come into a place where you believe without being given a play by play, BUT some of us struggle and need it confirmed! Remember that God wants you to get there, but He also knows that you might need help occasionally on your journey. Certain people in the word that needed extra confirmations along the way are not bad or weak people. They were human people!

Today if you are struggling with believing in God for a specific promise, briefly ask Him to provide the proof as Thomas did! He will give you exactly what you need to keep going. He wants to help you believe and He wants to walk you into your calling and destination! He allowed Thomas to stick his hand in his palms and side to prove it! Why would He do less for you?

Thomas was trained personally by Jesus for a couple of years and in the middle of his transition and during his process he doubted after he saw his dream die! He was called to travel and minister to the world shortly after the death and resurrection of Jesus! Who would have seen this coming? When he said what he needed, Jesus gave it to him! Not just for Thomas, but for the people that Thomas would reach in his future! Jesus knew what Thomas needed to answer the call on his life! What is God calling you to do? I pray He gives you what you need today to keep standing on your promises! Amen! [ based on John 20:24-29 ]



We are rapidly entering into a season where the world will not be in control any longer. The world has a boastful courage and its days of consuming the front stage in the centre of communication and entertainment is coming to a screeching halt for a period of time. I’m not sure how long this supernatural freeze will be, but it will provide enough time to gather everyone that needs to enter through its doors for a greater purpose. You will witness well-known leaders in the entertainment industry come out of their hiding place during this time and make God’s presence in their life KNOWN. Some movie stars will become bold and courageous and God will bless their courage with overwhelming kindness and unmerited favour. Flocks upon flocks of people will be led on the road of righteousness and walk through this door of salvation!

During this freeze, God will allow open doors to His sons and daughters who will take their positions to bring about change in our world. He is answering prayers from multitudes of believers all over the world. He is about to save a large portion of our young adult and youth in this powerful wave that is about to hit in the music, sports, news, television, radio, and social media industries. Expect multitudes to enter into their God-given purpose in this movement. Get ready parents, mentors, role models, spiritual parents, teachers, and pastors. Preparation is at hand. God knows the urgency of saving our youth because they will shape future cities, nations, and governments.

I see a quick reversal that will take place before a huge revival and harvest! Make up your mind to be on the winning side of this movement! There is no more time to remain sitting on the fence or standing on the sidelines. This is an event you won’t want to miss out on. Refuse to serve the demands of popularity within the world by abiding by its preferences or you will miss out on the beginning of the GREATEST movement in history!

Make a decision to seriously invest yourself into God’s plan for your life, because your heart’s desire is hidden within His agenda. He’s been patient in dealing with you for years and the time has come to step forward into everything that He wants to bless you with. Stop depriving yourself of his goodness.

You were not aware of this truth until this moment, but by planning your own course all these years, you’ve been actually running away from all His promises for you instead of running toward all of them.

His plan is to chase you down with His blessings and everyone that is connected and networked with you will be impacted by your overflow. God will bless your talents and gifts and they will be used on a grander scale. It’s impossible for the world to bless anything with the same magnitude and greatness as God can. Anything is possible with God. He is the creator of this world and has established all of its limits. No more working on the wrong side and moving in the wrong direction. He is saving you from future heartbreak today.

This is a call to every believer. The prompting is now. The timing is perfect. It’s time for us to claim our spiritual purpose without fear. He is calling us to surrender our own mindsets and complacent behaviours and step into everything that we have been praying for. Permit His love to saturate your entire being from head to toe. Our kingdom goal is to demonstrate His perfect love everywhere we go to the point of being unrecognizable to human nature. We are getting ready to walk in His peace that surpasses all understanding. We are about to dress in His supernatural attire during this season and put off our old ways of thinking! We are getting ready for the biggest race and revival we have ever known to man. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone on this ride.

Encourage your sisters and brothers in Christ the same way you want to be encouraged. We are not in competition with one another but on the same team. When one person wins everyone wins. Refuse to believe that someone else is surpassing you or you are being overlooked. It’s a lie! You are important and a vital part of the body of Christ. We are individually called to be moving in perfect sequence wherever we are at spiritually together in this. We might have different positions, callings, seats, gifts, talents, careers, businesses, missions, or offices, but we are ALL powerful and headed in the same direction, upward! No one is less important and everyone is needed. Every task that is completed by YOU will bring the entire operation into perfect glory. God’s glory!

Don’t be deceived. Those who invest themselves in hidden places will excel in greater places. God is about to reverse everything and switch the script when it comes to those that will walk in greater favour, wisdom, spiritual gifts, abundance, and prosperity. The world will no longer appear to have it all together. The church will. People will flock to church for greater understanding, wisdom, guidance, healing, restoration, and LOVE. The world won’t be able to satisfy this parched land any longer. The Kingdom is going to manifest in a greater way naturally this season. The earth will take notice. The world’s way of thinking will go into hiding and believers will stand out and shine.

There is a shifting taking place in our country and in the world where God is going to make His children known to all of creation. There will be no in-between ground of lukewarmness, but the light will become brighter and darkness will become darker. We will walk in unity carrying our Father’s glory, grace, courage, peace, love, and power. Get ready! I can see and feel this in the spirit today. I literally see the world going through a shock and awe of God’s presence that is getting ready to be poured out everywhere. Everyone is a leader in this season. Take your positions and understand that you are not in this alone. The harvest is ready! This is a word from the Lord.